haiku for and about cats...
kat-ku Pronunciation Key   (cat koo)
n.pl. katku, also kat-kus
1. A lyric verse form having three unrhymed lines of five, seven and five
         syllables, traditionally invoking an aspect of felines or the habits of same.
      2. A  poem written in this form.
A gentle whir sounds...
The calico doily stirs.
Salmon will please her.
                               amfv - 2002
A ladder is borne,
Icarus awaits the call
Cats should not take flight
                                     amfv - 2002
Cabinet door opens...
A cat hiss, a kitten born.
It is almost dawn.
                                 tryst - 2002
Falling pine needles
Impatient meows from the roof
I bring the ladder.
                                    talulah  - 2002
On delicate paws,
These Gods of ancient Egypt
Walk among us still.
                                amfv - 2003
A gray tail twitches.
Like a spring uncoiled, she strikes...
A yarn ball vanquished
                                   amfv - 2003
white tip bottlebrush
attached to a white arch.
feline posturing.
                               tinker - 2003
White male, tabby tail
Dancing, prancing on black socks:
Soft paws hide sharp claws
                                        amfv - 2003
Poised by water's edge
Steeling self to breech the waves
Fish are unaware
                                   amfv - 2004
Calico stretches
Basking in the summer sun
Soft purrs fill the air
                                  amfv - 2004